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7 Mistakes to Steer Clear of for a Successful Injury Claim

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“Rick Nicotra has been a constant in my life the last several years as I’ve had the misfortune of being involved in multiple accidents. Due to some unfortunate personal circumstances, I did not follow through and quite frankly, did not think much about it. Rick called to advise me that he was trying to get a settlement. The case was resolved in short order. His compassion and understanding of my situation was truly touching. I will forever be grateful and will wholeheartedly recommend him if someone close to me ever needs an advocate.”

- R. S.

“Rick Nicotra is a GREAT attorney. Rick is is able to blend his extensive knowledge of the law with a caring attitude towards his clients. Rick is always available to patiently answer questions and provide information. Not only would I trust Rick Nicotra with my legal matters, I would also strongly recommend him to my friends and family.”

- Missy M.

“After being in an accident I had no idea how to deal with the stresses of the aftermath. I found Rick and his team on google and I’m so glad I went with this firm! His staff is super friendly and always helpful with any questions or concerns that I had. Thank you, Rick, for all of your hard work in helping me through this difficult time.”

- Samantha Garris

“Rick knows what he is doing! He fought with all he had for me. Got it settled before most do. My only complaint is how long it took. But a lawsuit isn’t a fast thing. And that’s not ricks fault! He is the best. And I highly recommend him if you really want a lawyer to get the most they can for you!”

- Heather Woloszyn

“Rick Nicotra is amazing at what he does, represents his clients and works on their behalf. I felt I could trust what he said and his advice. He definitely cares and takes interest in his cases. Rick took time to answer my questions concisely. I appreciated his candor and honesty with my situation. He navigated me through a lengthy and confusing process seamlessly and effectively. I highly recommend Rick Nicotra and his services.”

- Shannon M.

“One of the best lawyers I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. He is an experienced, knowledgeable, and hard working attorney. There is no one else I would trust with my family and friends case. I know from personal experience that their case is in good hands with Rick. He treats all his cases as if he was representing his own family and friends.”

- Lisa Quigley